Metal Window Aluminum 2500 Series Door is ideal for balcony and patio use. All door panels are fully weather-stripped. Hinges are screwed to door panels to assure strength. High impact Teflon washers form an integral part of the finished hinge assembly ensuring smooth, trouble free operation. All extrusions are 6063-T6 or T5. Frames and ventilators corners are mitered, reinforced with a 3/16” aluminum corner key and welded. All muntins are mortised and welded into the frame to form individually glazed lites.

Our 2500 Series Door uses our 2000 series extrusions and will accommodate glazing thicknesses from 3/16” up to 1”. Several muntin options are available to accommodate various heights, aesthetics and structural specifications. Glazing stops are square as standard and some slope stops options are also available. Our 2500 system was designed to offer a very lightly framed door to accompany our 2000 series windows for a complete design package that can be used equally well in either very contemporary or traditional design applications. This line is also very popular for interior door applications where natural light can easily travel deeper into a structure. Privacy is obtained with a wide range of obscure glass options available through our dealers.

Design Note: These doors should not be used in swing-in applications unless they are sheltered from exposure to direct weather.

General Specifications:

2500 Series Balcony and Patio doors as manufactured by Arcadia Custom: Doors are constructed from 6063-T6 aluminum alloy with all joints and corners welded. Frame members will be minimum .125” thickness and 2” in depth. Extruded aluminum glazing bead will be .050”. Stucco nailing fins are extruded at a .064” minimum thickness. All extrusions are welded for superior strength. Frames and ventilator corners are mitered, reinforced with 3/16” thick.

Aluminum corner brackets are welded. Nailing fins and traditional surrounds and sills are pressed on, welded and sealed at the factory. Maximum size of this door is 3’0 x 8’0.

These doors should NOT be used in swing-in applications unless well protected from weather nor should they be used in extreme and unprotected exposures.


Handle hardware and locksets are not provided by MWC for this series. Face holes are drilled 2-1/8 diameter over 2-1/8 diameter at 5” on centerline with a 2- 3/4 backset.

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