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It is the policy of Metal Window Corporation (MWC) to extend 30-day credit terms to all qualified customers. MWC does not offer discount terms.

Eligibility for credit is determined in two steps. The customer is required to complete a credit application and return it to MWC for review. Coupled with the credit application, the customer is required to submit a 50% deposit with the balance due C.O.D. for the first two orders placed with our company. Orders subsequent to these will be billed on a 30 day net basis with exceptions noted below.

If, after credit has been granted, the customer does not submit payments by their required due dates, orders will revert back to 50% deposit and C.O.D. balance.

Finally, it is the policy of MWC to require a 50% deposit on all special orders we consider unique in nature and/or finish. This practice is to alleviate cancellations of non-resalable windows and doors. Large volume orders will have payment terms agreed upon prior to production.

For Credit Applications:
Please contact Judi Morris:

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