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The focus on “Green” and “Sustainable” building is fairly new to the world of construction and it is quickly moving to the forefront of concerns for both the owners and designers. After all, we all want to do our part for responsible conservation and the longevity of our planet and all of its resources.

So, how do windows and doors framed in aluminum hold up to the Green/Sustainable test?

To start with, aluminum and glass are the two most recycled products on our planet, hands down. Aluminum is a plentiful and easily obtained metal that makes up over 8% of the earth’s crust. We recycle every piece, shaving and trailing of aluminum during our processing all the way down to what is swept off the floor during clean up.

Aluminum does not require the use of petroleum products or seriously toxic plastic or chemicals in its manufacturing process nor does it require the cutting down of forests or farm raised trees using even more resources. It is environmentally safe and doesn’t off-gas potentially toxic fumes like other products can.

Ounce for ounce, aluminum is the strongest building material you can buy for a window or door frame today. It is also extremely stable through the wide ranging temperatures of the extreme climates of both the most northern and southern regions of our world. While other window frames stretch, shrink, bend and warp through every cycle of freezing cold and baking hot summers – aluminum consistently holds its shape. No painting or other expensive maintenance is required, just wash the accumulated dust or grime off your frames every once in a while and that’s about it.

In addition, aluminum is 43 times stronger than wood and 340% stronger than vinyl and this allows for far greater design creativity and flexibility along with far greater trouble-free longevity.

Because of aluminum’s longevity as an architectural product and the minimal amount of required maintenance or repairs over the lifespan of the product, its amortized saving in all areas, certainly make it one of the very top choices to consider.

These are just a few very good reasons why Aluminum glazing systems are commonly chosen for LEED Certified projects. If you care about high quality, longevity, minimum maintenance and lasting beauty with a small environmental impact then take a good look at what Aluminum has to offer.

Finally, consider this: At the end of the long life of a high quality aluminum window or door after next to zero maintenance and a long and durable lifespan far past the other product options; the old materials don’t go into the landfills but get easily salvaged and recycled back into the system to create new windows and doors.

How Green? Very!!

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