The Custom Aluminum 10 SERIES Light Residential Window is popular. It was designed as an exact replica of a steel sash window system to be made available at considerably less expense than its counterpart. These windows can be manufactured with an old style special heavy sill which keeps water off the face of the structure thus alleviating water stains on your structure and the traditional nailing fin head of the frame has a built in drip.

All ventilators are fully weather-stripped. Butt type hidden screw hinges and classic style extension hinges are available. Extension hinges have self lubricating Teflon washers that eliminate metal to metal contact, reduce wear and assure longer life and extension hinges are welded into the frame to assure strength and alleviate unsightly rivets or screws. All extrusions are 6063-T5 or T6. These windows are assembled without the use of screws and fasteners. All corners are mitered, welded and reinforced with corner angles. All muntin bars are welded to outer frame to form individually glazed lites (TDL). This line of windows is now considered a specialty line and is only available at the sourced Manufacture. All parts are kept in stock.

Design Note: These window frame sections are very light and should only be used in smaller sizes and with single glazing.

General Specifications:

The Metal Winows Series as manufactured by Arcadia Custom: Window members are constructed of 6063-T5 or T6 aluminum alloy with all joints and corners welded. Frame members will be minimum 1/8" thickness, and 1" in depth. Roll-form and extruded aluminum glazing bead is used. Stucco surrounds and nailing fins are .064" minimum thickness; heavy sill is .093" minimum thickness.

Traditional surrounds and sills can be pressed on, welded and sealed at the factory or standard nailing fins can be used. Corners are mitered and welded. Hinges are constructed of .156" stock and can be extension type (to permit cleaning outside of window from inside of building) or butt type. Both types of hinges are securely welded to both the frame and ventilator. Ventilator shall be adjusted and locked shut at the factory, and shall require no further attention until installation of hardware. Screens are constructed of .020" nominal thickness frame stock, and screen mesh shall be 18 X 16 gauge charcoal fiberglass cloth, held in place by vinyl spline. Screens can be easily removed, requiring no special tools to do so.

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