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Elevation A: PDF l DWG
Casement / Fixed (CO)

Elevation B: PDF l DWG
Casement / Casement (CC)

Elevation C: PDF l DWG
Special Combo Casement / Fixed + Ficed + Casement / Fixed (SPEC COMB C/O+O+C/O)

Elevation D: PDF l DWG
Stacked Awning / Fixed / Fixed / Awning (STK'D: A/O/O/A)

Elevation E: PDF l DWG
Stacked Double Casement Over Awning (STK'D: CC/A)

Elevation F: PDF l DWG
Stacked Double Awning Over Double Fixed (STK'D: AA/OO)

Elevation G: PDF l DWG
Stacked Awning / Awning / Fixed / Fixed (STK'D: A/A/O/O)

Elevation H: PDF l DWG
Stacked Fixed Over Double Awning (STK'D: 0/AA)

Elevation I: PDF l DWG
Stacked Casement Over Casement (STK'D: C/C)

Elevation J: PDF l DWG
Stacked Double Hopper Over Double Fixed (STK'D: HH/OO)

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The MW Aluminum 1500 Series Windows are ideal for residential, commercial, school, hospital, mixed use and industrial projects using moderate sized fixed, projected or casement windows. All ventilators are fully weather-stripped. MWC butt hinges are welded to frames to assure strength and alleviate unsightly rivets and screws. All extrusions are 6063-T6 or T5. Windows are assembled without the use of screws or fasteners. Frames and ventilators corners are mitered, reinforced with 3/16" thick aluminum crimped and welded. All muntins are mortised and welded into the frame to form true divided lites (TDL). All windows have been tested and certified by a recognized testing laboratory to AAMA and NFRC standards.

Our MW Aluminum 1500 Series Windows will accommodate glazing thicknesses from 3/16" up to 1". Several muntins choices are available to accommodate various heights, aesthetics and structural specifications. Glazing stops are square as standard and some slope stops options are also available to simulate the look of traditional style putty glazed window and door products. TDL and sloped stops are popular in Architectural renovations or neighborhoods and communities that require submissions to Architectural Review Boards. This is our most popular window system.

General Specifications:

MW Aluminum 1500 Series Windows as manufactured by Arcadia Custom: Window members are constructed from 6063-T6 aluminum alloy with all joints and corners welded. Frame members will be minimum .125" thickness and 1 1/2" in depth. Extruded aluminum glazing bead will be .050". Stucco nailing fins @ .064" minimum thickness; traditional heavy sill shall be .093" minimum thickness. All extrusions are welded for superior strength. Frames and ventilator corners are mitered, reinforced with aluminum corner keys and are then welded for superior strength.

Traditional surrounds and sills can be pressed on, welded and sealed at the factory or standard nailing fins can be used. Conventional casement and awning windows will have welded butt hinges unless alternate hinges are requested. Project-in and push-out ventilators shall be hinged on 4-bar scissor hinges at each end of ventilator. Hinges have sturdy stainless steel arms, and shall incorporate a sliding adjustable shoe operating in a stainless steel track. Hinges shall be factory installed using stainless steel screws. Ventilators shall be adjusted and locked shut at the factory and shall require no further attention.

Screens are constructed of .020" nominal thickness frame stock, and screen mesh shall be 18X16 gauge charcoal fiberglass cloth, held in place by vinyl spline. Screens can be easily removed, requiring no special tools to do so.


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